Sales conditions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions :

All our puppies leave microshipped, inoculated and fully registred (pedigree).

They come with a puppy pack food, health book, certificate of good health dated of less than 5 days, and an advices notice. Usually  the identification card and the pedigree are not available when the puppy leaves  but these documents will be sent by mail.

Puppies can leave from 8 weeks.

For exportation, puppies must have the rabies injection done 21 days before leaving. This injection cannot be done before the age of 3 months old. It means that such a puppy cannot leave before at least 3 months and 21 days. It is up to you to find out in your country what the conditions of importation  are. It's up to you too to contact an air company and to book your puppy's journey . We can take him to the airport (Orly or Roissy).  Travel costs (petrol + toll) about 100 € will be added on the price of the pup. Do not forget to add another 100€ for the kennelbox required by  the airplane company for the journey.The puppy must be full payed at the age of 8 weeks. We do not charge for keeping the puppy until he can  travel, but we need him to be fully payed at the age he would have if he leaves for France.

How to book a puppy ? :

The best way of course, is to choose him at the kennel, but this is not always practitial. Otherwise, you will have to choose the pup on pictures.

After a first contact by email ( we will send you several pictures of each puppy. In order to help us to serve you better, we recommend that you describe exactly what you are looking for in your puppy. If you want to discuss it by phone,  send us an email with your phone number and we will call you promptly.

Once the puppy is chosen,  you will have to send us a letter with your name & address, details concerning the puppy (sex, colour, parent's names, expectations (show or pet ) with a deposit by western union or bank transfert of 300 euros. Don't forget to tell us the name you want for the puppy. It has to start with a " M" for 2016, "N" for 2017, "O" for 2018 etc....
Send your letter to Florence Lalliard, la borde, 28330 St Bomer, France

When we receive your letter we will send you a booking form including all the necessary informations.

In case of something happens to the pup before he leaves; you can  ask for a refund or choose another pup out of the same litter or another litter to come.

In cas of desistance from your own choice, no refund will be done, so please make sure of your decision before you send the letter.

Some people wish to book on a particular litter or or particular color and this, well before the births. You must know that there is a waiting list and puppies leave in order of the arrival of the booking.

Price for a puppy :
English bulldog  : 2600 €
Blue staffords : 1800 €
Black Staffords : between 1300 & 1500 € (depending on the breed lines)
French Bulldog : between 1500 & 2300 € (depending on the breed lines)
Bullmastiff : 1500 €

All our puppies are sold as pet dogs. If some of you want  a show dog, we will try to choose the puppy that shows the most qualities but this does not guarantee  results in shows.
It is absolutly impossible to forecast how a puppy of 8 weeks old will evolve.

In case of non-confirmation, 20% of the sale price will be refunded on presentation of the pedigree fully mentionned "inapte" by a qualified breed judge.

We will not consider any booking without a previous contact by phone or bemail.