Some advice to help you to choose the puppy of our dreams.

The Bullmastiff

Adult Weigth: Male : 55 kg Female : 45 kg
The quiet strength: His power and his calmness makes him a wonderful companion, the perfect dog and ideal for family and children.
His fitness allows him to go for long walks with you, and his calm nature will make him want to stay on the sofa and lounge when he is at home .
He will be a good deterrent as a guard dog because of his big size. He is a  dog with a big heart and devoted to his owners making him easy to train and will obey all orders. He is very easy to train even if he inherited the stubborness of the bulldog.
He is an allrounder of a dog, good for children, family, walking and a guard dog. With his fellow creatures he can be sociable. The Bullmastiff  thinks he is the king of dogs, as long as nobody tries to say the contrary, he can live in perfect harmony in the middle of his court. On the other hand, if someone wants to dethrone him , there will be some damage . He has great patience for children. It's a well-balanced mind dog, that's why he is a perfect dog to own and a faithful companion. 

If you live in a family house with a garden, if you like to go out walking but also enjoy quietness at home, if you are looking for a good guard dog who doesn't bark all day long and you like big dogs but also want a companion that you can  take with  you  in any circunstances, the Bullmastiff is the dog you need.

the English Bulldog 

Adult weigth: Male : 28 kg Female : 23 kg
Strong willed, stubborn, clever ,The  bulldog is an astounding dog, very engaging.  They are also pig-headed and need good firm training . A lovely little puppy  will become a fearsome dog if he is ill-treated. His stuborness can be disconcerting but he knows  how to charm you because he is a faithful companion, and a  real member of the family. 

If you are looking for a dog with real personality, and you prefer sofas than running around playing football, spending summer hollidays, going to the beach or hot countries are not your hobbies , if you are fair but firm,  the Bulldog is the dog for you.

The french Bulldog

Adult weigth: between 8 and 14 kg
In spite of his little size, the frenchie is a leader, he is bold and brave! He is not at all  a" mummy's boy". He is quick as a flash and very clever, he understands everything. His small size means he can live perfectly in a flat even though his real pleasure is to leap around in the  garden. Roguish little elf, he is a good patient dog and loves to play with children. Less pigheaded than his british cousin the 'bulldog' he is easier to bring up. If you like the temperament of a mastiff who is bold and brave,but you live in town and are always on the run and looking for a companion who can follow everywhere and who can keep you company at home, the ' pocket mastiff" is the dog you need.

the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

 Adult weigth : between 11 and 17 Kg
He is small but very strong, with a temprerament that can't deny his membership to the Terrier Group. Lively and intelligent, he is an excellent  game partner for children, he is known as "the" nanny dog. Even though he is very reliable with humans,  you must watch out when he is around other dogs because he is quite dominant. If his little size can allow him to live in a flat, you must not forget that he needs to unwind and burn off his energy, so you need to take him on long daily walks. You will need to be sporting and enjoy long walks. If you are looking for a small dog with  a big personality, a great companion with children, a dog  that is always happy, then, the staffy is the dog for you.