The Bulldog

The British Phlegm

I always dreamt having a Bulldog. A dog set apart from the rest,  a dog not like any other... Ooligan and Riton were my first Bulldogs.  Bulldogs came into my life in 1999 and I can't imagine living without them. Their physique and their character make them a  priceless companion.

All our dogs are tested and free from pulmonary stenosis and others heart malformations
Saqqara's Mephisto dit Henri mon premier Bulldog

Thanks to "Vos chiens magazine" to have taken our dog "Riton" for the top for their special number on bulldog. Also thanks to  the  "30 millions d'amis" magazine who chose our dogs to illustrate their article on the bulldog.

"30 millions d'amis" article