The Staffordshire Bull Terrier : "The Nanny Dog"

Staffordshire Bull Terrier  LOF registred puppies only
(L2hga & HC clear by birth)

For years, I was attracted to  Staffords. I loved their power and stockiness. But at the same time it was a terrier and I was unsure if this was for me.
In January 2006, at the Paris Dog Show, I had the chance to rub shoulders with some of them, and I had a friend's one at home for few days, this was enough to fall in love with the breed. I discovered a very lively and appealing little dog, always happy and very demonstrative.  Then I knew I was ready to have a staffy. As I always loved the blue color, I went in search of blue or blue carrier dogs.
Impossible to find some blues in  France, so I search further.  I went to England to find the dogs I wanted. I wanted blue,, but I wanted too have very chunky dogs. It was very long and hard but I found what I liked and I went  everywhere in England to buy females. I want to thank all the English breeders who have helped and trusted in me, especially Darren and Tony who are now my real good friends.

Crossguns Make my Day

Interantional Champion

Multi Best of group

Piuck (Shades of Blues After Dark arrongancy)

Top French staffy 2007 & 2009!

French Championship 2007 & 2008 : 

Piuck CACIB Best of Breed 

Belgium Champion

Luxembourg Champion

International Champion

Piuck & Zaza